A Brief Introduction

Founded by two first generation european immigrant women determined on celebrating traditional values in a world consumed with assimilation - the Rebel war cry is heard again!

Let's celebrate the uniquely you in the body you have - no greater act of rebellion than learning self love at the core. What better way than to have a product that involves self care in an act of kindness to the body and the senses. 

Let's celebrate the masculine and the feminine, families and focus on issues larger than labels - which we do through our philanthropical work. To implement that from the start we commit a percentage of each purchase to build a foundation for emergency housing serving those coming out of a transient lifestyle, recovering from domestic abuse or displaced due to natural disasters.  Please come back as we will add our work progress on the Rebel Heart - Acts of Kindness page. 

The Rebel heart, our heart is highly inclusive celebrating the original design of each and everyone as intended.