Rebel - Be Your Own Kind - Hello World! Launch  06 -03 - 2023

Rebel - Be Your Own Kind - Hello World! Launch 06 -03 - 2023

There You are! 

We can not wait to meet you in all our beautiful rebellion standing strong with you, our fellow rebels ~ Let's keep walking in our original design!

Saturday  we are launched our first product - the best body butter known to man (and woman)! We have developed a deeply hydrating, non toxic, anti inflammatory and long lasting butter for men, women and a care butter for burns and bites. This was only possible using the finest all natural ingredients. The essential oils are the heroes for long lasting fragrance. Our body butter is truly a symphony for the senses. Follow this link for a deep dive into our ingredients

The collection for Men starting out with two respectable fragrances is called the:

Adam collection

Nobility- Invigorating and powerful using blue spruce and pine.

Valor -Grounded Earth - Balancing and connected as Vetiver and cedar leads the way.


The collection for Women, also with two fragrances, is called the:

Eve collection

Warmth  - Reminiscent of Sweet Summer - Warm florals with notes of vanilla

Balance - Our Bright Citrus fragrance - Lemon and orange infused butter 


Last but not least we are introducing our single fragrance 

Care collection 

Restore - Intended for all. Restore has the timeless and noble fragrance of lavender, healing powers of aloe and soothing mint to ease the pain from stings, burns and bites. 

Can't wait to hear what you think after trying them and keep marching on - after your own kind.

The Rebel Team

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